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Commercial On-Premises Washers

IPSO’s industrial washers for on-premises laundry applications are heavy-duty strength machines delivering the best industrial performance with proven technology.

Our product range of on-premises washers includes:

Softmount Washers (IY)

IPSO’s commercial softmount washer-extractors are industrial by design. They are built to extend linen life, reduce water usage and utility costs, and maximize productivity. The heavy-duty construction provides dependable operation and assures your equipment will be in service for years to come.
View softmount washer-extractor range.

Hardmount Washers (IC)

Hardmount washer-extractors are secured to the concrete floor, cost significantly less than their softmount counterparts and have a proven record of dependability with superior wash results.
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Topload Washers

The topload washers offer a remarkable spin speed of 710 RPM, increasing overall laundry efficiency by removing more moisture from loads. 
View topload washer range.

Frontload Washers

IPSO commercial frontload washers reduce both hot water usage and total water consumption. The frontload model features a remarkable spin speed of 1200 RPM, increasing overall laundromat efficiency by removing more moisture from loads.
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Trouble-free operation

IPSO’s commercial washers-exactors for on-premises laundry applications are designed with efficiency in mind for optimum usage and productivity. These commercial washers use a reduced water operation that can help to extend linen life and lower utility costs. The heavy-duty construction provides reliable operation and assures a long-lasting washer-extractor. Standard wash programmes have been optimized in order to keep water, detergent and energy consumption to a minimum.


All vital parts have undergone extensive lifecycle testing to ensure the design will endure even in the harshest environments. IPSO’s commercial washers features include an intelligent design to perform continuously in highly industrial environment.