Hospitality Laundry Equipment

Are you operating in the hospitality business? Do you need laundry equipment for your hotel, restaurant, bar, etc.? IPSO is the perfect supplier with the widest range of industrial washers, dryers, ironers and spare parts for the hospitality sector!

The smart choice for hospitality

IPSO has been serving the hospitality sector for more than 40 years. 'The smart choice for laundry', we know how vital it is for you to be able to provide a premium quality hospitality laundry service. Particularly as it is this attention to detail that gets noticed by your guests and adds to the pleasure of their stay.

"Our commitment to delivering robust and reliable laundry equipment is underpinned by our 3-year warranty policy. Plus a 2-year warranty extension on critical machine parts*."

The on-site laundry solution that's right for you

We understand the day-to-day laundry requirements of a busy hospitality business. We also know the benefits of opting for an in-house laundry solution. Choose IPSO and you're in control of both your costs and your linen supply, while also maintaining a high level of flexibility and hygiene standards.

Delivering deep insight

Laundry is all we do. We know the industry inside out and we focus all of our skill, resources and innovation on delivering world-leading laundry solutions for our customers. We also gain deep insight in the field through a close working partnership with distributors that is second to none.

Benefits that increase performance

Whatever the size or style of your hotel, hostel, motel, bar, restaurant, resort, service apartments, etc., we cover every aspect for you and tailor a solution to your precise requirements. 

Your local IPSO team can advise you on the laundry business benefits of the following:

  • A full in-house laundry solution: spotting, washers, tumble dryers, ironing and finishing equipment
  • An in-house terry towel laundry service 
  • A valet laundry service
  • Specialist wet-cleaning for delicate garments

We help you ensure quality while still reducing your costs

Your commitment to providing a quality laundry service for your guests all day, every day doesn't have to be compromised by cost. 

The key is SMART COST CONTROL - whether investment costs, labour, utilities (energy and water) or detergents - and this is where our dedicated team can help you maintain the highest standards while still protecting your bottom line.

Always rely on ready supplies of linen

We know that so much depends on having a large volume of linen available at all times - 24 hours a day, 365 days a year - and that delays are just not acceptable. And it's not just volume, you also need to make sure hygiene and cleanliness are first class - because that's what your guests will notice ahead of almost anything else. With IPSO you can take full control of both linen volume and hygiene.

"The industry's largest network of highly-qualified Smart Partners gives you access to leading laundry services such as pre-sales consultations, in-house laundry design services and after-sales follow-up."

Our elite network of Smart Partners offers you service, local technical support, maintenance and spare parts supply whenever, and wherever, you need it.

Everything you want from an in-house hospitality laundry service, and more

IPSO also offers spa linen care that promises ultra-soft and quality linen for guests. And with our Aries Elite microprocessor for washer-extractors, our Optimum-control for tumble dryers and SmartCLEAN wet cleaning solutions, IPSO can help you take care of guests' delicate garments and your staff uniforms if desired. Even the own special requirements for hospitality such as fire-retardant materials and textiles can be taken care of in-house as well.

"Whether you are looking to upgrade your existing in-house laundry equipment, considering the benefits of in-sourcing or looking to arrange a complete new build, turnkey installation IPSO can help."

*Contact your local IPSO Smart Partner for applicable warranty conditions in your country.