Know-how that supports your commercial laundry by maximizing performance and reducing costs

IPSO has been serving the Commercial Laundry sector for more than 40 years. "The Smart Choice for Laundry", we know the challenges your business faces every day and have the experience to help you achieve greater performance, higher productivity and lower operational costs.

The most dependable brand in the sector, IPSO has the knowledge to help you:

  • Create and control specific wash and dry programs to maintain the quality and increase the lifespan of linens and textiles
  • Maximize the amount of laundry you process in the minimum amount of time to increase your productivity and profitability
  • Save on water, detergent and energy with smart systems
  • Maintain the highest hygienic standards such as RABC method EN 14065
  • Monitor results and analyze performance with Aries Assist for greater operational efficiency

The solution that's right for you

Laundry is all we do. We know the industry inside out and we focus all of our skill, resources and innovation on delivering world-leading laundry solutions for our customers. We also gain deep insight in the field through a close working partnership with our elite network of Smart Partners that is second to none. Together, we can support you in the complete refurbishment of an old laundry or we can be involved from the beginning of a new project, shaping and developing the best solution with you.