Mon, 14-03-2016

Laundry systems provider Alliance has announced the launch of a new customer service centre in Dubai. The move comes after the US-founded group has looked to grow its market presence in the region.

“We are most excited about the launch of our customer care centre, that’s set to open during Gulfood week in Dubai. Alliance has established many new offices around the world in the last five to seven years, and the new office shows our commitment towards the region.” Rick Pyle, president, Alliance International told Caterer Middle East.

Dubai Customer Centre

Alliance is on the verge of launching a brand new electronic control platform that is able to sense various wash conditions and garment types. “The basic mechanical structure and design of a washing machine is fairly standard. But the electronic control platform will add a new dimension to the wash patterns.

He explains: “For example, the machine will shut off if it senses the garments have dried before its wash cycle. This means that if you set the timer to 20 minutes, and the garments dried in 10, it will not continue running. The electronic control systems allows the user to operate the washers most efficiently and with the lowest cost of ownership.”

Pyle explained the importance for a laundry player to be at a show that’s primarily targeting the foodservice industry.

“Gulfood is an important show, as a lot of our partners, investors and distributors are at this show. On the surface the show is directed towards the foodservice industry, but if you look around [the show] a lot of our competitors are present here and that’s because procurement managers look for kitchen and laundry equipment at the same time. Especially decision makers responsible for a new property that’s looking to launch in the market.”

He added: “This is not a new dynamic, it’s always been this way. It’s more to do with the people rather than a particular market segment. That is what makes this show important for us,” said Pyle whose firm is making its second full appearance at the show.