Fri, 03-03-2017
IPSO-equipped Lava Laundry Lounge in Australia redefines laundromat concept.
Lava Laundry Lounge, a new customer experience of doing your laundry, has just opened in East Perth and takes the idea of a laundromat to the next level. Lava Laundry defies expectations from the moment you step inside where you are greeted with warm timber on the walls, the gleaming stainless steel of industrial grade machines and technology that makes the entire process of cleaning clothes fast, simple, and as effortless as it can be.
Visitors can chill out and relax in air-conditioned comfort and enjoy the free WiFi, a selection of books, magazines and music, read the news on electronic signage, and use the free smart phone charging station if their battery is low. Lava has invested in 5 IPSO industrial washers (model IY180) that can handle loads of up to 18kg as well as in 6 stack tumblers (models DR335 & DR445) handling loads up to 21kg. So if you have really let your laundry pile up you could potentially simultaneously wash and dry 104kgs of clothes and be in and out in only 60 minutes. In fact, Lava ensured there is 192kgs of total drying capacity to cater to clients who choose to wash at home but dry at Lava for efficient crease-free drying in the large, gas, tumble dryers.
The founder and owner of Lava Laundry, Michelle Pateman,believes that creating a space without compromise will help introduce people to a coin laundry that would have never otherwise considered it. “Every aspect of Lava has been carefully considered to ensure we dropped the age-old laudromat stereotype and met the goal of creating a space that is as comfortable as someone’s own luxury apartment to ensure they feel like Lava is an extension of their home. If washing really isn’t your thing, Lava also has a same-day wash, dry and fold service and a dry-cleaning and pressing agency service.
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