CEO Alliance inaugurates another new IPSO Laundromat in India

Mon, 19-06-2017
INSTAWASH-laundromat opens with more stores to come!
MG Hospitality, the IPSO® Partner based in Delhi (India) recently setup a new college laundromat  at Puducherry (Tamil Nadu) by the brand name INSTAWASH, featuring IPSO washers and tumblers. Last month, they opened a new laundromat in the IT region of the city Gurgaon.These recent projects serve as a strong launch of IPSO® laundromats in India, as at least two more are planned to open this year in Bangalore.

Mike Schoeb, Alliance Laundry Systems President and CEO, and Jeffrey Hopkins, Alliance Laundry Systems Vice President APAC, were both on hand for the opening of the store, as well as the Alliance sales team for India.

The laundromat is equipped with 3 x IA80, 2 x IA105 hardmount washers and 2 x DR35 tumble-dryers. The store targets the paying guests living in hostels or apartments , which are mostly single men working in a nearby IT company.

In this picture, starting from the left: Neil Ghadi (Alliance India), Mr Anil Garg (MG Hospitality),  Mr Nidhish Mittal (MG Hospitality), Gunjan Sharma (Alliance India), Mike Schoeb (Alliance Laundry Systems President and CEO), Jeffrey Hopkins (Alliance Laundry Systems Vice President APAC)