Ferrum AG & IPSO® equip a cutting-edge in-house laundry in Davos, Switzerland

Tue, 16-05-2017

The Chur-based ARGO Foundation for the integration of people with disabilities in the canton of Grisons runs four workshops and four residential homes in Switzerland. The workshops, which employ some 360 people in protected roles, offer no fewer than 54 services. Since autumn 2016, the spectrum has also included laundry and cleaning services in the new IPSO® in-house laundry at the Davos site. The state-of-the-art laundry systems were supplied by Ferrum Waschtechnik AG.

Since November 2016, a cleaning and laundry service for consumers, commercial and hotel operations has been part of the ARGO Davos service portfolio. The cutting-edge efficient IPSO® in-house laundry provides meaningful employment for up to 15 people with disabilities. Demand for laundry services in the Landwasser Valley and the Davos region is generated by a high number of hotels and holiday accommodations, as well as many retirement and care homes. ARGO Davos offers a complete laundry service package (washing, drying, care, ironing, mangling and repairs, including a collection and delivery service), focusing mainly on bed, bathroom, towels, kitchen and table linen, as well as work clothes, underwear and winter clothing.

Local expertise of Ferrum AG proven to be best
The aim was to equip the laundry with cutting-edge technological systems. Reference visits to operations in similar fields were carried out and a call for tenders was launched to find the right partner: "We received lots of positive references and feedback for Ferrum Waschtechnik AG. The service package offered by Ferrum Waschtechnik AG including the IPSO® laundry machines was an ideal fit, so they won the contract," said Thomas Bruder, Workshop Manager of the ARGO workshops in Davos.
However, the initial requirement of purchasing high-capacity washing machines to handle large volumes of laundry was quickly changed following advisory discussions with the Ferrum experts. The team pointed out the limited available space at the Davos site. As part of a forward-looking approach, a joint decision was agreed upon to make optimal use of the available space. The organization purchased lower capacity washing machines and dryers better tailored to their needs and space limitations.

Call to hotels and restaurants in the region
"Hotel and restaurant operators in the region are very welcome to try our new service. We are a competent partner for all laundry needs. Our collection and delivery service will simplify the entire end-of-stay cleaning operation for owners of holiday accommodation," said the Davos Workshop Manager Thomas Bruder.
Cutting-edge technology and ecology
When it came to selecting the technical laundry system, the ARGO project team relied on the experience of the Ferrum specialists. In view of the limited ventilation within the building, a decision was made in favour of heat pump dryers - bringing the additional advantage of reduced power consumption. Although heating power of four kilowatts means laundry needs to stay a little longer in the dryer for a perfect result, the process is generating power savings of up to 30 per cent. The following IPSO® systems were purchased from Ferrum Waschtechnik AG: 
- two IY free-standing IPSO® washing machines with capacities of 8 and 18 kilograms. 
two IHP 345 IPSO® heat pump dryers, each with a capacity of 16 kilograms 
- one IPSO® CL300 chest-heated ironer 
- one shirt finisher and an electronically height-adjustable ironing table

Marco Fumarola (Sales Manager Ferrum Waschtechnik), Thomas Bruder (ARGO Davos) & Roger Küng (CEO Ferrum Waschtechnik)