Wed, 26-04-2017

SmartClean: Cost-effective, eco-friendly wet cleaning for all fabrics, successfully launched with Peruvian team.

Novotec, the local IPSO partner for Peru, completed an extensive training session on IPSO’s wet-cleaning solution – SmartCLEAN – on March 27 and 28. The entire 15-person Novotec sales force was brought together in the company’s main office in Lima for the training session, where a fully operational SmartCLEAN set-up was utilized.
Mr. Cendehy Arroyo, general manager of Novotec, expressed his excitement after the training saying, “After having seen in reality how the SmartCLEAN solution can clean the most delicate types of garments, the entire Novotec team is now truly convinced of this business opportunity for the Peruvian market. We are very pleased with the presence of Mr. Eduardo Velasco, who acts as our point of contact for all SmartCLEAN-related topics.” 

Velasco, the company’s wet-cleaning segment manager, underlined the importance of showing live demos when it comes to convincing customers. “During a training session, we dedicate time to explain what makes SmartCLEAN unique and how to sell the concept,” he said. “The most important chapter, however, is the practical roll-out, during which we process various delicate garments, such as jackets, suits and coats, wedding garments, silk, and others. 
Although the theory sounds promising and true, people get convinced the most when they actually see for themselves how SmartCLEAN works in reality. This is what we provide to our local IPSO partners through such a training session.” “SmartCLEAN truly is a solution”, Velasco said. “It is a combination of our IPSO washers and tumblers, specifically developed wet-cleaning programmes, detergents, finishing equipment and last, but not least, training.
Training sessions are provided locally and significantly improve the knowledge of an IPSO partner. It allows them to continue to offer an extraordinary level of service and support to their customers.”
Faster than dry cleaning and with less energy costs, SmartCLEAN is IPSO’s non-toxic wet-cleaning innovation that is ideal for delicate garments and textiles.  For more information on SmartCLEAN, visit