Iconic hotel Sternen **** chooses IPSO for its energy-efficient in-house laundry

Fri, 24-11-2017
Hotel Sternen was founded in 1834 in Muri, near the city center of Bern. From early on, it welcomed important business customers and hosted great events. Through the years, the hotel became more successful, changed owners and grew to be one of the most iconic properties in the area. Today, Hotel Sternen is not just a hotel; it is also a well-known restaurant and a great venue for meetings, seminars and day events. Visitors are mostly business people, visiting Bern for a meeting or hosting a seminar in one of the hotel's meeting rooms.
Hotel Sternen is a modern and innovative property and very aware of its carbon footprint. To make sure it functions at the most ecological way possible, management continuously looks for investments to make the hotel and restaurant more energy-efficient. In 2017, that investment focus turned to the in-house laundry. Management wanted laundry equipment that utilized advanced technology to reduce energy consumption. That's why they consulted the Swiss IPSO® partner, Ferrum Waschtechnik AG.

In this picture: Amalia Barroso, laundry responsible Hotel Sternen, and Roger Küng, CEO Ferrum Waschtechnik AG.
Ferrum Waschtechnik, an official IPSO partner for years, understood the customer’s wishes and offered them a softmount washer IY135, with a capacity of 14 kg. As normal dryers are energy consumers, Ferrum proposed an IHP345 heatpump dryer with a capacity of 16kg. This type of tumble dryer decreases energy consumption up to 60 percent and causes less heat release, which gives the laundry area a comfortable temperature to work in.
The new facility launders tablecloths, napkins, sheets and towels, as well as gym bathrobes and towels. The in-house laundry also handles the maintenance of staff uniforms. Clean textiles are important for the image of the hotel and restaurant and are proof of the quality of their services. As the hotel needs to guarantee continuity in their quality of service, the seven interns in the hotel learn all aspects of the laundry and textile handling. This ensures that everyone is aware of the full process, creating flexibility for possible rotation n case someone in the laundry chain is absent. Jeanette Koller, hostess of Hotel Sternen, is pleased with the support she has received from Ferrum Waschtechnik AG. She’s especially happy with the finished quality of linens, as well as the improvement of the working environment for her staff.

In this picture: Jeanette Koller, Hostess Hotel Sternen, Amalia Barroso, Laundry responsible Hotel Sternen, and Roger Küng,CEO Ferrum Waschtechnik AG.