Laundry Solutions Australia opens impressive showroom to promote IPSO INSIDE laundromats

Mon, 03-07-2017
Laundry Solutions Australia (LSA) is committed to providing their customers with the best service possible. Therefore,the Melbourne-based company has decided to open a new showroom in Hallam, to give customers the opportunity to experience the range of IPSO® vended laundry equipment first hand. Their showroom, designed with the IPSO INSIDEbranded materials, creates a warm and friendly environment, that gives the laundry consultants the opportunity to sit down with their clients and discuss various topics surrounding their laundry. It is these tangible experiences that separate Laundry Solutions from their competitors and gives their customers assurance that they are here to help them succeed in their business ventures.
Brett Kruger, Commercial & Vended Manager of LSA, is excited with this initiative: “Upon visiting our showroom, visitors will be able to receive valuable information about all IPSO vended laundry equipment. Not only the technical specifications of each machine and the requirements for them to operate in a coin laundry are provided, Laundry Solutions also provide helpful information regarding the setup of a coin laundry." He added vended laundry is a hot area of their business due mainly to the fact that there are very few business opportunities that offer the relatively affordable cost of entry and require a very low investment of time once established.”
In Melbourne customers currently have about 5 coin laundries under construction. Most owners will choose to have about 8-12 washers ranging in size from 8kg – 18kg with about 90% opting for all industrial due to the increased reliability, longevity and not having pumps that can get blocked. In regards to the amount and types of dryers this is something that we have noticed a change in over the past few years. Previously, customers would have opted for 1 or 2x 22kg dryers, however most are now choosing to have all stacked dryers due to the reduced amount of real estate required. The quantities of stacked dryers are also increasing. Initially, the customer would only look to include 5 or 6 stacks in their laundry, however they are now seeing customers purchasing 8-10 and in a few cases, some customers with up to 22 stacks. Most customers will choose to have both the 13kg & 20kg models.