Mon, 06-02-2017
Recently, the international private school 'Le Régent Crans-Montana College' in Lens (CH) opened the doors of the Junior School, for children over 4 years. Last September the school increased enrollment with the addition of a Senior School for high school students. This college is not an ordinary school; people from all over the world send their kids here to get them educated in English in an elite environment. Two-thirds of the children are boarding and only go home during weekends or holidays. With 300 students on campus, the quantity of laundry is pretty large. 
Facility managers decided to wash the bed linen, towels and table linen in a nearby industrial laundry. Even with the bed and table linens, as well as towels going off-site, the school still processes a significant amount of laundry in-house. Student uniforms - skirt, pants, shirt, and blazer- as well as sport or casual clothes amounts to 300 kgs per day, or 6 tons per month, to be processed in-house.
Before opening the school, Le Régent contacted 3 possible laundry equipment suppliers. The original proposal featured 2 x 20 KG washers, 2 x 20 KG tumblers as well as 2 ironing tables. 
Ferrum added a second offer featuring a better solution in terms of unit capacities. This solution offers 2 softmounts being 1 x IY105 (11kg) and 1 x IY280 (28kg), 2 ECO-tumblers being 1 x DR270 (13kg) and 1 x DR640 (31kg) allowing the customer to handle smaller loads in a more efficient way. This would not have been possible in the original laundry set-up. 
Finally, optional stainless steel front panels for the tumblers and stainless side panels for the washers were added as well.
Ferrum 's local expertise as well as its proximity to the customer helped them win the deal. 
Today, Le Régent is able to handle 40 kgs of laundry per hour and can keep up with the large quantity of dirty clothes.