Softwash: Cost-effective, eco-friendly wet cleaning for all fabrics

IPSO has been serving the healthcare, hospitality and laundry business sector for more than 40 years. "The Smart Choice for Laundry", we know how vital it is for you to be able to provide a premium quality laundry service. This is why we have developed an ecological wet cleaning innovation called Softwash.

Introducing Softwash. Ideal for delicates. Smarter for business

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With ever-changing European regulation on the use and disposal of traditional dry cleaning chemicals, there is a genuine need for smarter and more environmentally-friendly cleaning methods.

Thankfully, with Softwash, your business now has an eco-friendly and efficient cleaning process to handle all of your garment cleaning requirements and take care of delicate garments and textiles without damaging sensitive fibres.

Softwash delivers outstanding performance and makes great business sense for your bottom line: the process, equipment and special software programs reduce your water, energy and detergent costs and cycles are much faster and more versatile than traditional dry cleaning, saving time and maximizing profitability.

There is also the option to adopt Softwash as part of your overall offering gradually, in stages. This gives you and your team time to familiarize yourselves with the process, and experience the benefits, before switching over to become a 100% wet cleaning business.



Why Softwash wet cleaning is simply smarter

Better for your staff and environment:

  • A non-toxic, environmentally safe process
  • Only uses a small amount of water and biodegradable soaps and conditioners

Better for fabrics:

  • Wet clean delicate fabrics using special software and computer-controlled IPSO washer-extractors and tumble dryers to maximize results and optimize performance
  • A 100% drying process that's also safe for fabrics
  • A gentle process that extends the life of all fabrics, linen and garments
  • Suitable for the widest range of fabrics and fibre types 

Better for your business:

  • Reduces your energy cost
  • Just as fast as traditional dry cleaning: the whole process - cleaning, drying and finishing - takes only one hour
  • Dryers equipped with OPTimum ensure garments to be 100% dry
  • Gives you operational flexibility: west clean and wash regular laundry using the same equipment

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