Vended laundry: IPSO's efficient commercial laundry equipment

IPSO has been serving the vended laundry sector for more than 40 years. 'The smart choice for laundry', we know how vital it is for you to be able to provide a state-of-the-art, reliable and cost-effective laundry service for your customers.

The most dependable brand in the sector, we have an unmatched local and national presence and have helped hundreds of investors and operators launch independently owned vended laundry stores throughout Europe.

So what makes a laundromat such an attractive business prospect?

  • Return on investment (ROI) is high
  • A recession-resistant investment, a laundromat is virtually unaffected by downswings in the economy
  • A unique business model requiring very little management or staff
  • A fixed cost structure, cash payment upfront for service and no franchise fees all further contribute to the attractiveness of vended or 'coin-operated' laundries for investors
  • The number of people renting homes (a key customer base) throughout the UK and the rest of Europe is increasing year-on-year
  • The time saving convenience for customer

Our commercial laundry equipment for your laundromat

Laundry is all we do. We know the industry inside out and we focus all of our skill, resources and innovation on delivering world-leading laundry solutions for our customers.

Together with our elite network of Smart Partners, we can support you in either the complete refurbishment of an old vended laundry or assist you in developing a new project from the start.

Interested in renovating or opening your own laundromat? Contact your local distributor here.






"Planning is key, and this is where IPSO Smart Partners can help."