Unrivalled healthcare knowhow

IPSO Laundry equipment for healthcare sector

IPSO has been serving the Healthcare sector for more than 40 years. 'The smart choice for laundry', we know how vital it is for healthcare businesses to be able to provide a premium quality laundry service for patients and residents.

The most dependable brand in the sector, you can rest assured that our product range meets the European standard for good hygiene in industrial cleaning - Risk Analysis Bio-contamination (RABC method 14065).

You can rely on us, too, for assistance with implementing the new 'barrier' concept regarding optimum hygiene through better workflow and laundry layout, or the more traditional 'standard' approach if you prefer.

We have the knowhow to help you:

  • Maintain the highest hygienic standards
  • Maintain top quality of your linen and cleaning utensils
  • Prevent infections within the laundry process
  • Prevent Hospital-Acquired Infections (HAI) for the health and recovery of patients

The on-site solution that's right for you

Laundry is all we do. We know the industry inside out and we focus all of our skill, resources and innovation on delivering world-leading laundry solutions for our customers.

"IPSO helps keep customers up to date with the latest hygiene standards and healthcare sector best practice."

We also gain deep insight in the field through a close working partnership with our elite network of Smart Partners that is second to none. Together, we can support you in the complete refurbishment of an old laundry or we can be involved from the beginning of a new project, shaping and developing the best solution with you.

We help you plan every step of the way

Whatever the size of your healthcare facility, our talented team can advise you on a full in-house laundry solution that includes spotting, washers, tumble dryers, ironing and finishing equipment and a custom-built floor plan.

Ensure the highest standards while still reducing your costs

Your commitment to providing a quality laundry service for your patients or residents all day, every day doesn't have to be compromised by cost. 

The key is SMART COST CONTROL - whether investment costs, labour, utilities (energy and water) or detergents - and this is where our elite network can help you protect your bottom line.