Smart Partners: local suppliers, dealers and vendors network

Our local Smart Partners offer a wide range of laundry services, such as pre-sales consultations, in-house laundry design services, after-sales follow-up and financing solutions.

Dedicated local support and world-class know-how

With an unrivalled local presence in over 100 countries, each of our IPSO Smart Partners delivers extraordinary levels of customer service and support. They also receive frequent training sessions in our manufacturing plants to enable them to build, refresh and maintain their laundry expertise. The Alliance Laundry Systems University (ALSU) is an additional training tool for our suppliers, vendors or dealers accessible online and constantly kept up-to-date with in-depth IPSO-information.

Together with our Smart Partners we offer customers a wide range of services including:  

  • Pre-sales consultations
    Providing you with professional analysis of your specific laundry needs prior to purchase.
  • In-house laundry design services
    Outlining the most profitable equipment mix and laundry layout flow, resulting in a tailor-made, turnkey laundry solution.
  • After-sales follow-up
    Service, local technical support, installation, maintenance and spare parts supply with our Customer One programme.
  • Financing solutions
    Our own team of financing specialists can provide your business with competitive financing solutions* to assist you with your plans. 
"The largest, highly-qualified distributor network providing unrivalled local support worldwide."